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Vogue: in Bianco&Nero

by Cristina Ali Farah

The stage show is a portrait of a group of young Cape Verdean looking for a balance into italian society

Jessica Costa Moreno is the author, together with Francesco Talarico, of the play Outsiders, awarded in Milan by the Accademia dei 
Filodrammatici. I had met Jessica two years ago during my trip to Cape
Verde. We had both lost the coincidence from Lisbon, it was late at night and I was traveling with my two young sleeping children. At the time I had no idea we would have met again a few months later together with writer and mutual friend Jorge Canifa Alves, an Italian-Cape Verdean now living in Spain. The them for the play, explains Jessica, was suggested by Jorge, after the death of Abdul Guiebre, the young man killed in Milan by the owners of the Shining bar. Set in a waiting room, the play stages the encounter-confrontation of six young men and women, played by young actors, second-generation Capo Verdeans and Italians. The play is centered around the theme of the relation of attraction and repulsion towards two identity-related poles: Italy and the parents' homeland, both sought after and rejected.

The play, when I saw it, was interposed with quite powerful interviews to the authors and actors. Jessica and Francesco try to convey a cross-section of Italian society through their characters. 
Outsiders is an ironic, caustic work, with pressing and enthralling dialogues, and deals with key issues, trying not to sound rhetorical.


Rondini e Ronde a Capo Verde

DIASPORA: “Sparrows and patrols”

Immigrants in Italy hold strike to protest against Berlusconi
01 March 2010

Immigrants from all over the world, including Cape Verde, who chose Italy to live and work, will hold a nation-wide strike today, March 1, to protest against the restrictive immigration laws passed by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s government.

Law 733 B, say immigrants in Italy, represents a step backward. “This law, which went into effect on June 2, 2009, was conceived by Berlusconi’s government, which misleadingly called it a “Security Pact,” according to Cape Verdean immigrant Jorge Canifa, president of the Tabanka Onlus Association.

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J. Canifa Alves, l'On.le M. Monteiro, l'On.le Frias, l'On.le Sousa, rappresentante Caritas F. Pittau

Un libro può salvare la vita

  • edgar allan poe - racconti
  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez - Cent'anni di solitudine
  • Isabel Allende - il piano infinito
  • Luis Romano - famintos
  • Michael Ende - la storia infinita


Los Angeles – Charlize Theron è diventata cittadina americana. Ad annunciarlo la stessa attrice durante il David Letterman Show: “ho sempre desiderato essere cittadina americana, ma loro non volevano accettarmi… Ho dovuto studiare. Inoltre era difficile non pensare a qualche trucco all’esame, come quando a me, di madrelingua inglese e sudafricana, è stato dato un foglio e mi è stato chiesto di scrivere correttamente la frase: è una giornata di sole”.

Un premio Oscar all’ umorismo americano… ma si diamo loro anche un “Tapiro d’oro”.

Le rivoluzioni non necessariamente rappresentano delle soluzioni... sicuramente ti danno linfa vitale!


dietro: Benny Hopffer Almada, Giovanni Mone, Alfredo Pierantozzi; al centro: Marta Poretti, Viviana Alves, Jorge Canifa Alves, Cateline Hopffer Almada, Lorena Salvatori, Walter do Rosario; in basso: Hamdi Dahir, Linda Evora, Aderico Brito.